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Commercial Insurance
Florida Commercial Insurance Options

Acquiring commercial insurance is among the most important investments you can make as a business owner in Florida. Good coverage will protect your business from severe losses. It can be the difference between staying afloat and closing down in case of a lawsuit. It will take care of insured risks that affect the operations of the business. At Lewis Insurance Group, LLC in Land O'Lakes, FL, we write commercial insurance proudly for those around the state.

Here are some of the coverage options.

Commercial property insurance

This is vital to every business establishment. Commercial property insurance protects the company’s building and its contents. It covers exteriors such as outdoor signs and fences as well. In case of any loss or damages from fires, theft, or natural calamities, it helps in repair and replacement.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance covers you and your business from claims resulting from injuries or damages from your services and operations. An employee could sue for bodily damages, and the damages rewarded could be huge. This coverage option covers this to protect you from a financial hit. It also covers the litigation fees.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles against damage, theft, or accident. This policy covers only vehicles registered under the business and not personal vehicles.

Workers compensation

Workers could sustain injuries or be incapacitated while in the line of duty. This policy will cater for the medical expenses and the loss in income.

It’s important to know the different coverage options of commercial insurance. At Lewis Insurance Group, LLC in Land O'Lakes, FL, we have a wide range of insurance solutions for your business. Our commercial insurance options are tailor-made for business owners of Florida. Contact us today and speak to one of our reputable agents on an appropriate coverage option for your business.

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